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Food Curious?

Fascinating facts about your favorite foods and how they behave in your body. From Almonds to Zucchini-what you discover will surprise you.

Food and the Body

Learn how your body works, and which foods to eat for your specific physical and mental health condition.

Diet Confusion?

Atkins? Vegan? Paleo?  Which diets are best for weight loss, heart health, cancer prevention, overall health?  Choose the diet that will work best for you!


 Hello, and welcome to Diagnosis:Diet!


For those who have been wondering, I am not currently following a ketogenic diet due to the extent of my food sensitivities, which limits the types of fats I can eat and makes the ketogenic diet challenging for me to sustain long-term, but I continue to follow a whole foods, ultra-low-carbohydrate, pre-agricultural, mostly-meat diet and feel great!

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