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  • brenda ward

    Hi I read with interest your article and would like to know more – keep up the good work.

  • Laurie

    I’m not able to download the 10 tips — any tips for how to do this?

  • JustMEinT

    Looking to see if you touch on salicylate sensitivity which is what a dietician told me I may have

    • Hi JustMEinT

      I have a little bit of information about salicylates on my blog post about ADHD and food sensitivities, but have not yet addressed salicylates in detail. I do hope to write an article devoted specifically to this topic in the future!

  • Dot

    Many thanks for your piece on histamine-best I’ve read so far after searching desperately for info, having been recently diagnosed histamine intolerant

  • NickH

    I’m with Dot. Most in-depth and informative report I’ve read.

  • Monica

    I have subscribed to your blog and free download 3X but have not received a confirmation email. Would really like to stay updated on your blog 🙂

  • Pkr

    My dad has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Would the ketogenic diet be good for him ? We are desperate!

    • Dear Pkr
      I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. Please know that I am not a cancer specialist and also that I cannot give medical advice on this site. Theoretically a ketogenic diet may be helpful in fighting cancer, but please seek guidance from clinicians who can work directly with your dad and your family for guidance tailored specifically to his situation. I wish you the best.

  • tom

    I was thinking of really studying the keto diet and printing a business card and trying to make some money off people with cancer. I know it is illegal but with the high death rate of cancer and substantial cure of keto diet maybe I could make some money and save a few geezers from croaking. My theory is if you stop when the govt. tells you to they wont prosecute. Just coaching people and disseminating info is probably not even illegal if you provide some type of carefully worded disclaimer that states I am not providing “medical advice”, etc.

    • Doyle

      Need proof that keto diet cured or slowed cancer cell grothed.

  • Linda

    May I suggest that you add asbergers and hemochromatosis to your tags? I have both these problems and at age 60 I wish that I’d investigated their associations with food much earlier.

  • HilsBaby

    I live in the UK. I did a diet called lighter life, basically meal replacements which puts you in total ketosis. I felt great on it then several life events occurred and it all went to pot. I’ve put on all 5 stones I lost. My question is about ketosis and depression. I have suffered from episodic depression for years and am currently off work, on 40mgs Prozac and this is the worst episode I’ve had.
    I’ve read various articles that seem to vary…is ketosis good for depression or does it contribute to it? I can’t seem to find a concise answer. I would go back on my previous diet if it was going to improve my mental state? Help?
    Thank you,
    HilsBaby x

    • Hello, HilsBaby

      I am not aware of any human studies of ketogenic diets and depression. There is one study of rats that suggests that the ketogenic diet improves mood. Theoretically, a ketogenic diet has the potential to help with depression, and should be unlikely to worsen it, because ketogenic diets improve overall brain function. The only way to know for sure is to resume the diet and see if the depression improves. I wish you the best.

  • Elaine

    I have had a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer and eased into the ketogenic diet over a 3 week period – with the approval of both a Natropathic Oncologist and an orthodox medicine Oncologist. . Over the past week my ketone level has been at either .3 or .4, but my glucose which started at 97 and went down to 80, jumped up to 106 and has been climbing a few points a day and is now at 113. What does this mean and how is the glucose level brought down? Please note, I am sticking to proper foods religiously.

    • Hello, Elaine

      Without more information about what you are eating, it is hard to know why your blood sugar is rising. You may need to find a nutritionist familiar with ketogenic diets to work with so that you can troubleshoot the issue, but if you want to send more information about your diet, you are welcome to do that and I’ll take a look at it. High blood sugars are usually due either to the presence of too much carbohydrate, or too much protein.

  • Amanda

    Hello, I found this very intriguing. I suffer from this. I am always tired and can never lose weight. I am a vegetarian and just about all that I eat is on this list! I don’t want to go back to meat but how can I balance the two, eating from this list and having proper thyroid function? How long should the vegetables cook to reduce their negative effects? Can steaming produce these results?

    • Hello, Amanda
      It is challenging to eat a healthy diet while remaining a vegetarian, but there are many simple things you can do to improve the quality of a vegetarian diet. Please see my article about vegetarian diets under the DIETS tab. Also, please see my blog posts about specific vegetable types (the broccoli family, the nightshades) and my blog post about food and hypothyroidism for answers to some of your other questions.

      • flutterfush

        With some of the foods you state that you need to cook them well ie Broccoli. Is steaming them till fully cooked ok? Or do they need to be boiled hard out ending up soft and mushy??
        Thank you :’)

    • flutterfush

      My question re cooking for how long and steaming so thank you!!!

  • LynnK

    Tried to sign up and received the message “225 ‘my email adress’ has been banned”?

    • Hi Lynn
      Thank you for your interest in the site. I apologize for the inconvenience–I am looking into it and will get back to you asap.

  • optimistic423

    Awesome research and information on histamine…thank you for educating us!

    • Hi optimistic

      Thanks–so glad you found the article helpful!


    I am new at this and wondering can anyone tell me how what to do to fight carb and sugar cravings I cant seEm to get passed 4 or five days then I eat bread or sweets again I’m so frustrated is there something that will help?

    • Hi Tannis

      It really depends on what you are eating; what kind of diet are you currently following? Low-carb? Low glycemic index? Paleo? Ketogenic? Something else?

  • Arch

    FINALLY! It’s not in my head, heart or lungs…it’s in the food and wine! I have been suffering from severe intermittent shortness of breath for over 15 years! About the time I learned red wine is good for the heart. Why it took so long to correlate is beyond me. Then to learn that histamines compile – makes perfect sense as my diet IS the HISTAMINE loaded food source! Today I start a 4 week histamine free diet and will find an ND that can test me – DAO deficiency. Would you recommend a supplement? I take a slew of vitamins, am healthy, but the inability to breath affects my exercise tolerance – I am praying that improves! I’ve had every work up: Nuclear stress test – normal; Pulmonary Function – normal; Blood work for antibodies – normal; I attributed my SOB to anxiety. Thank you for your time posting valuable info!

    • Hi Arch

      I hope that your dietary experiment will bring you useful knowledge about your body and will help you to feel better! I don’t put much faith in supplements, and many can actually be harmful; I think it’s more important to focus on the foods we eat. Good luck!

  • jean

    If i have hashimote low thyroid and Rhematoid arthritis what can i eat

    • Hi Jean

      Please see my blog post about foods and hypothyroidism; it may be helpful. There is a link to it on the home page.

  • Oinkie

    I am bipolar 2. I am willing to try the ketogenic diet to the letter for life. I have started taking NAC 1200 mg a day as well. I do not react well to medications. Thank you for all of your input in helping people to manage their lives with additional means. It’s greatly appreciated!!

    • Hi Oinkie (that’s a fun web name…)

      If you do decide to try it and you feel comfortable sharing your observations with us here, that could be very helpful to readers. Good luck!

  • Olivia Clayton

    I have just found your blog/site and wanted to say how amazing it is. Thank you very much for all these incredibly well written, clear informative and useful/genuinely helpful articles. 🙂

    • Hi Olivia

      Thanks for the kind comments–so glad you find the site useful!

  • Kim M

    Hi – Just saw this blog and so excited as I am a huge advocate and follower of ketogenic diet. I was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer last spring- after having gone through surgery, chemo and radiation 4 years ago. Starting with a nutritionist and a ton of my own reseach, I have now been on the diet since last May/June. Its a challenge to use, but I have proof that it works. I had a CT scan when diagnosed and then 3 months later when the clinical trial I joined needed another scan. In that time the only treatment was the diet. I got hold of the 2 sets of scans, got a doc friend to give to a radiologist to read them (never met me and knew nothing about my situation) who said “clearly responding to treatment” since my new tumors all REDUCED significantly. I have lots of energy, can go out to eat (certain places much better than others) etc There is a good new book, Practical Keto Meal Plans for Cancer with background info section. All you have to buy is the Precision monitor and a tub to coconut oil lol!

    • Hi Kim
      What a wonderful story–thank you so much for sharing it here, and congratulations!

      • Kim M

        Fortunate that I can have cream/cheese even tho sensitive to it (i find raw dairy much better) pasture fed poultry and eggs and all oils.

  • Bri Leic

    Hi – how can we download the whitepaper? I can’t find anywhere on the site to do that…

  • Guest

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  • Lenita

    Does anyone know how fluoride affects the thyroid function?

  • Denise DeMaras

    I’ve been researching dietary guidelines for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s and your blog is the only one I’ve found that states flaxseeds are harmful. Where can I find your source?

  • Kcoop

    What happend to week 3 and beyond?

  • Kcoop

    What happened to your 3rd week and beyond on a ketogenic diet? It seemed like it was going so well and I had a lot of the same things in common so it was a really good read for me.

  • Javan Neal

    i was diagnosis 30 years ago with hypothyroidism after a doctor did CT and said i had a brain tumor! i refused to believe and husband a doctor suggested endocrinologist but what they don’t inform you are the proper diet or medications that complicate the thyroid issues. i feel like i have gone to hell and back with this dis-ease at 58 my mom died 62 brother 59 because of disease complications thyroid, diabetes issues under medical care!! help i now see how foods and medications have harmed my journey for a healthy life.

  • AAllen

    My son has just had a preliminary diagnosis of ADHD. I have tried to cut out all nasty preservatives, colours and additives but in today’s world this is hard. But due to the information on this site I now know it is worth cutting it out completely. I think the key is being organised and vigilant. For my son and the other members of the family 🙂

  • AAllen

    Does anyone know how long the colours and preservative stay in the system, I have heard that some nasties like mercury accumulate.

  • Gail

    I suffered from a neurological disorder for three years. I went on a Lyme disease diet which eliminates night shades. My mobility improved and I am now able to walk without difficulty again. This all makes sense to me now. Thank you for this article.

    • Dear Gail,

      What a wonderful example of how certain foods can cause big trouble for some of us. So glad to know you are feeling better, and thank you for sharing your story here!

  • Katie Floyd

    I’m anxiously awaiting your update on this necessary yet mostly unexplored territory! Thanks so much for your time and devotion!

  • Loan Nguyen

    It is very interesting subject. I believe that I too have histamine problems started with asthma and rhinitis. I also diagnosis with reflux that confused me in term of being too much acidity or not enough acidity so that I can adjust it. I am diet of tomato, peanut, dairy products, coffee, beer and fermented food. I have to take Nexium and Zantac which helps me but I don’t want to take it in the long term. So please tell me what can I do especially with the reflux. I have seen specialists and had gastro-endoscopy done. They found my Z line irregular due to my reflux. I am worrying that it may indicate early cancer. I asked my specialist if it is cancerous( well they don’t take biopsy) in public hospital. Is it early cancer, Dr Ed?

    • Dear Loan,

      I am sorry to hear about your difficulties! Every single one of the foods in your diet can cause reflux because they are all difficult to digest and increase bacteria activity in your intestines. The foods that are easiest to digest are meat, poultry, seafood, fruits, and cooked vegetables (except for crucifers). Reflux does not usually mean that you have cancer. Reflux is very common and is almost always easy to reverse with dietary changes. I think you will feel a lot better if you change your diet to foods that are easy to digest. For more information: (contains a list of foods that are difficult to digest and explains why) (contains a list of cruciferous vegetables including broccoli and cabbage, which are hard to digest)


    has anyone benefitted from det change from an anterior petuitary adanoma?

  • Joe Bray

    I am looking for inexpensive on-line sources of organ meet. Does anyone have a suggestion?


    Hey we are new at this histamine intolerance stuff. MY daughter who is 11 years old has it. Should I take her to a doctor. How did you find out about yours and if yes we should what kind of doctor would be recommended for her. Thanks.

    • deeksnlucky

      Hello Jamie and Daughter , first of all I am no doctor and I’ve only seen a naturopath months ago before my ordeal really got bad but….. I recently completed a 23 and me DNA test that told me I was the proud owner of two genes that interfere with folic acid processing called the MTHFR ( methyl tetrahydrofolatereductase) gene….whew ….and on my own ,investigated online ,and made significant changes with supplement support and removed most high histamine foods and gluten, and foods with folic acid, ( breads, buns,rolls,orange juice , anything enriched with folic acid ) I also was found with genes that make me high risk for celiac…. go figure ! So after MONTHS of listening to family doc tell me I had sinus infection after sinus infection and offeres of more antibiotics, I can finally breathe and headaches are gone !!!
      Good luck in your health journey and msg if I can help any further….


      • JAMIE

        Good for you. Thanks for your help


    My daughter has histamine intolerance we just found out. SHE is 11 years old & has been home from school for a few days. What kind of dao suppliments can she have I an having trouble because she cannot have citrus fruits or cayenne pepper. Most of them contain an ingredient she can’t have. But I’m reading on the reviews for the product that it is for histamine intolerance. Also my daughter has seasonal allergies really bad sore throat do I give her a dao for this or what can I do for her. ♡ thanks in advance. Do you recommend taking her to a doctor. Thanks for your help.

  • MB

    Hi, I just stumbled across your site and am absolutely thrilled to have found you!! I am a health care provider and am avid supporter of better health through better lifestyle versus pharmaceuticals. Whenever I find a health expert, I always look to their sources to determine whether to follow them. Well, I noticed I actually own almost every book you recommended, Weston Price being my hero, he started me on my journey to understanding more about health and wellness.

    Thank you for all you do! I believe it is a great challenge to rebuke many longstanding myths and help people towards better health naturally!

  • Wilma

    I have been interested in trying a Ketogenic diet because I suffer from autoimmune conditions, histamine issues, digestive problems, psoriasis but because I am A- blood type I didn’t think eating a lot of meat was right for my blood type after reading the book by that name. What are your thoughts on this?

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