It’s true: you are what you eat! Your brain chemicals, your immune system, your hormones, and all of your body’s organs are made entirely of the plants and/or animals you eat. Click on a body part below to learn how it works and which nutrients it likes and doesn’t like. Information about the role of nutrition in specific diseases that affect each organ will be added to these sections over time.

  • Kristen

    What about the liver? :) Specifically doses the liver make sugar? I thought I heard that once but I am not sure!

    • http://diagnosisdiet.com/ Dr. Ede

      Hi Kristen

      Yes, the liver is the organ in the body that can turn protein into sugar by a process called “gluconeogenesis.”

  • Jme

    I am on verapamil but since I need to be on a low histamine diet due to chronic migraine, I see this drug is counter productive for DAO production. I also have celiac. What is a better drug to switch to, to control my high bp?

    • KJH

      For BP control, I take Lisinopril (an ACE blocker). One of its positive side-effects is migraine prophylaxis — which I’ve experienced. Also, I take oral Diamine Oxidase 20,000 HDU — two capsules before each meal for most brands. It’s about $1.00 per capsule, but works well for my histamine intolerance and migraine. A Spanish study, presented several years ago, demonstrated oral DAO efficacy in significantly reducing migraine severity and duration. Google: “lisinopril migraine”, lisinopril multiple sclerosis”, and “diamine oxidase migraine” for more info.

Last Modified: Nov 1, 2012 at 10:04am