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If you are living with a mental health problem of any kind, there are many dietary strategies you can use to try to address the root causes of your symptoms, and the so-called paleo diet is an excellent place to start for just about everyone. Compared to most modern diets, a paleo-style diet contains more bioavailable nutrients and far fewer antinutrients, and therefore [...]
We often hear that red wine should be included in a healthy diet (in moderate amounts) to ward off dementia and heart disease. What separates red wine from most other alcoholic beverages is the presence of resveratrol, a compound lurking within grape skins which is supposed to have magical antioxidant properties. Is this true? If so, is drinking red wine [...]
Scientific Presentations Metabolic Health Summit 2019 The single best resource of in-depth, cutting edge scientific information and inspiration about ketogenic diets, nutrition, lifestyle and brain health is the video content produced by the 2019 Metabolic Health Summit. I was honored to have participated in this sold-out (850 attendees) conference in Los Angeles, which dedicated an entire morning to ketogenic diets [...]
Interest in low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets continues to rise as people discover their potential to help with stubborn physical health problems such as obesity and type two diabetes—but could this same strategy help with mental health problems as well? Low-carbohydrate diets have tremendous potential in the prevention and management of psychiatric disorders. The field of nutritional psychiatry is admittedly in its infancy, and rigorous [...]
As a psychiatrist with clinical experience treating people with Alzheimer’s disease, I’ve been writing and speaking about Alzheimer’s for some time now. But it wasn’t until I was invited to give a presentation about insulin resistance and neurodegenerative diseases at the first annual Keto-Live conference in Bergün, Switzerland in early June that I delved into the Parkinson’s disease research for the first [...]
I have been fortunate to participate in many wonderful nutrition conferences across the country in recent years, each of which has been meaningful and special in its own way, but Low Carb Indonesia left me at a loss for words. [...]
Last month I had the pleasure of participating in the Boulder Carnivore Conference, the world’s first meeting dedicated to the potential benefits of plant-free diets. I created a new presentation exploring the nutritional differences between plant and animal foods and summarizing the scientific arguments in support of all-meat diets for optimal brain health. This seemingly strange and extreme way of eating flies in the [...]
Do fatty animal foods contain within them the secret to human intelligence? [...]
This post challenges the nutritional myth that arachidonic acid—an omega-6 fatty acid found in meat—is dangerously inflammatory for our system. [...]
The EAT-Lancet Commission released an important new report about global  nutrition this week that deserves everyone’s full attention: “Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems.” This report envisions a “Great Food Transformation” which seeks to achieve an environmentally sustainable and optimally healthy diet for the world’s people by 2050. Its core nutrition recommendation is to [...]