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Recently, the journal Lancet Public Health published a study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and the University of Minnesota warning people that low-carbohydrate diets can cause early death. The paper, entitled “Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis” has enjoyed broad media coverage and ignited passionate debate in nutrition circles around the world. Given the rising popularity of low-carbohydrate diets, this is a [...]
Lock your doors—saturated fat is on the prowl again . . . and this time it’s not waiting around until you’re middle-aged to clog your arteries and give you diabetes. It’s coming for your teenagers’ brains. Yes, according to the press release headline for a new study in the peer-reviewed journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, PTSD is the new fatty fear on the block: “Adolescents who consume a diet [...]
If you take psychiatric medications and are thinking about trying a low-carb or ketogenic diet for mental health reasons, please read this article first. Ketogenic diets cause profound shifts in brain and body chemistry rather quickly. While you’ll often hear the standard legal warning about always consulting first with your doctor before making any lifestyle change—from starting a new walking regimen to eating more kale—warnings [...]
Since the most recent incarnation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released by the USDA in December 2015, a debate has raged about the scientific process (or lack thereof) used to generate the nutrition policies that dictate how schools, hospitals, and other institutions feed people, and how people across the country think about food. In response to widespread criticism, the USDA sought public comment about [...]
New science is emerging that offers a more hopeful path for people with Alzheimer’s disease who are willing to change their diet. Researchers from the University of Kansas have just conducted a study, nicknamed KDRAFT (the Ketogenic Diet Retention and Feasibility Trial), that explores whether ketone supplements and low-carbohydrate diets could help people with Alzheimer’s disease. These scientists aimed to answer [...]
The truth about antioxidant-rich plant extracts and supplements is that they simply do not work. The most powerful way to boost your free-radical fighting power is by making  one simple change to your diet to activate your body’s own natural internal antioxidant, glutathione. Find out why products like turmeric and Pom Wonderful are not worth your hard-earned money. Read my [...]
Psychiatric disorders like depression, bipolar disorder and psychosis are strongly tied to inflammation. Psychiatric medications are not designed to fight inflammation, but did you know there are two changes you can make to your diet that will naturally reduce inflammation in your brain and body? Learn how to heal brain inflammation from the inside out in my article on Psychology [...]
What happened when two adults with severe mood and psychotic symptoms for years embarked on a ketogenic diet for weight loss? Yes, they lost weight, but what ELSE happened? Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Chris Palmer shared the inspiring stories of two people in his practice who experienced long overdue relief that even the strongest antipsychotic and mood stabilizing medications could not [...]
Where do you find the highest concentration of cholesterol in your whole body? In your BRAIN. The brain is cholesterol-rich on purpose—because it needs large amounts of cholesterol to function properly. So, what does that mean for the growing number of people choosing naturally cholesterol-free plant-based diets? And what about the 15 million Americans who take statin medications like Lipitor to [...]
Plant-Based Diets, Micronutrients and Mental Health Do vegetarian and vegan diets contain the micronutrients our brains need to function properly? Or do they put people at risk for serious deficiencies that increase the likelihood of developing psychiatric disorders? In my last post, Food Fights: Are Vegan Diets Healthier for the Brain? we compared big-picture health effects of plant-based diets to [...]