Book Review: Welcome, Keto Clarity!

keto clarity bookAs a physician who personally follows a ketogenic diet, has studied the science behind it, and prescribed it for patients, I can attest that Keto Clarity will be a valuable resource for clinicians and patients alike. Anyone who is curious about the miraculous healing potential of ketogenic diets will love this book. It is thorough, smart, and written in Moore’s signature style, using everyday language to explain complicated science without talking down to readers or insulting our intelligence. He uses a simple Q&A format that includes helpful insights from experts and inspiring testimonials from people who have real life experience with the diet. All the big names in the world of ketogenic diets are here, including Dr. Ron Rosedale, a thought leader in the field, and Dr. Eric Westman, a leading ketogenic science researcher, and co-author of this authoritative book.

The book provides hands-on, practical information such as grocery lists and sample menus, as well as theoretical information for those who are interested in how the diet affects the chemistry of the body. Moore busts silly myths about low-carb diets by using my favorite combination of weapons: solid science plus (uncommonly) common sense. I especially appreciate the way Moore separates fact from fiction from “we don’t know yet.” In this respect, he is quite different from those nutrition specialists who are so personally and professionally invested in being right, that they have difficulty acknowledging the boundaries of our knowledge in the field and may overlook the fact that we are all unique and can vary in our response to dietary prescriptions. This rare characteristic makes him a truly trustworthy source of high quality information about low-carbohydrate diets.

Bravo, and thank you, Mr. Moore and Dr. Westman, for this wonderful public service!

Inspired by Jimmy Moore’s new book, I wrote a couple of short companion articles to supplement the excellent information he and his associated experts provide.

The first article is about things to take into consideration before you embark on a ketogenic diet, particularly if you take medications for a chronic health problem or have certain health issues such as high blood pressure or anorexia. "Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for Everyone?"

The second article explains some simple ways to troubleshoot "Ketosis and Constipation."

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