New Study Finds Saturated Fat Causes PTSD… or Does It?

high fat dairyLock your doors—saturated fat is on the prowl again . . . and this time it’s not waiting around until you’re middle-aged to clog your arteries and give you diabetes. It’s coming for your teenagers’ brains. Yes, according to the press release headline for a new study in the peer-reviewed journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, PTSD is the new fatty fear on the block: “Adolescents who consume a diet high in saturated fats may develop poor stress coping skills, signs of post-traumatic stress disorder as adults.”

Read my post on Psychology Today where I take a close look at this study conducted by scientists at Loma Linda University, a Seventh Day Adventist institution. In this short read we have a little fun getting to the bottom of what’s wrong with this—and so many other—anti-fat studies.

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