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The Ketogenic Kitchen: A Cookbook for Cancer The Ketogenic Kitchen is no ordinary cookbook. Yes, it is bursting with creative recipes and [...]
Does Meat Cause Cancer? Last October, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a two-page report entitled Carcinogenicity of Consumption of [...]
WHO LINKS RED MEAT AND CANCER? In October 2015, twenty-two scientists from ten countries met at the International Agency for [...]
What You Need to Know about Sugar and Insulin Resistance In today’s post our fructose journey comes to a sweet [...]
Type “is fructose bad for you” into your search engine and you’ll get a slew of articles telling you that [...]
My deep ketosis experiment went down in flames this week, but not before I had my blood drawn. I share [...]
No shortage of lessons this week in my little Ketogenic Klassroom. Viruses, hormones, hunger, red meat, and a long-awaited dairy [...]
The good, the bad, and the confusing…I am fascinated by this experience and I love this diet, but it continues [...]
A very interesting week! I discovered the pivotal relationship between protein and ketosis, and finally saw a reduction in my [...]
A Bumpy Transition to Ketosis Fasting for more than 36 hours proved challenging in ways that took me completely by [...]