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Dr. Ede is a nutritional psychiatrist who firmly believes that what we eat is the most important factor in our mental and physical health.

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It brings me great joy to announce that my new book Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind is now available for pre-order! This comprehensive guide explains how to combine the surprising truth about brain food with the cutting-edge science of brain metabolism to optimize your mental (and physical) health. It is my hope that this will prove a valuable resource both for people living with mental health conditions and for the clinicians who care about them. You can learn more about this new book here.

We are currently running "offline" Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health clinician trainings for 30% off of the live tuition. If you are interested in registering for the class, visit the Training page for answers to all your questions and to sign up.

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The evidence is in: insulin resistance is a powerful driving force in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Begin reducing your risk now with these simple dietary changes.

What does the science say about why some people experience unique mental health benefits by switching to a plant-free carnivore diet?

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