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Dr. Ede is a nutritional psychiatrist who firmly believes that what we eat is the most important factor in our mental and physical health.

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I am honored to be one of seven recipients of the first annual Metabolic Mind Awards from the Baszucki Brain Research Fund and the Milken Institute’s Center for Philanthropy for making a significant positive impact in the field of metabolic psychiatry. Visit the Metabolic Mind Awards website to learn more about the pioneering work of my fellow award recipients.

Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health CME Clinician Trainings now enrolling for January 2023: If you are a clinician interested in learning how to safely and confidently apply the cutting-edge science of metabolic and nutritional psychiatry to your practice, this comprehensive course is for you. For more information about these live, online, CME-approved, small-group trainings, please visit the Training page which includes detailed information about the curriculum and supporting materials, pricing, continuing education credit information, and testimonials.

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Georgia Ede Alzheimers Presentation

The evidence is in: insulin resistance is a powerful driving force in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Begin reducing your risk now with these simple dietary changes.

What does the science say about why some people experience unique mental health benefits by switching to a plant-free carnivore diet?

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