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Dr. Ede is a nutritional psychiatrist who firmly believes that what we eat is the most important factor in our mental and physical health.

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Learn how the foods you eat effect your mental well being.

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Discover fascinating facts about food you can use to improve your health

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Make the connection between your diet and your diagnosis

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I am excited to announce that I will be giving two presentations at the 2nd International Keto Live Conference in beautiful Bergün, Switzerland occurring June 13-17, 2022. To learn more about this special event or to purchase tickets, visit the European Keto Live Centre's conference page. Early bird registration pricing is available through December 31, 2021.

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This presentation summarizes the science behind my nutrition philosophy and explores the mental health risks of processed foods and plant-based diets.

Georgia Ede Alzheimers Presentation

The evidence is in: insulin resistance is a powerful driving force in the development of Alzheimer's disease. Begin reducing your risk now with these simple dietary changes.

What does the science say about why some people experience unique mental health benefits by switching to a plant-free carnivore diet?

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