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Schedule an online nutritional psychiatry consultation with me to explore specialized nutrition strategies that can help improve your mental health or support your clinical mental health practice. Available worldwide.

Psychiatrist counseling vegetable: Enough about your childhood, let's talk about your diet


If you are a new client, please note that my schedule is currently full. If you would like to be notified when new appointments become available, please contact my office and include a brief description of the reasons why you’d like to consult with me. Thank you for your interest and I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are an existing client trying to schedule a follow-up appointment, please send me a secure message through your client portal or email me and I will be happy to schedule you.

Nutrition for Mental Health Consultation/Coaching

Interested in dietary strategies with the potential to improve psychiatric symptoms such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, binge eating, or mood swings? Already following a special diet for mental health but not seeing the results you’d hoped for? Worried about how special diets may affect your psychiatric medications? I can help you determine which nutrition approaches would best suit your mental health goals and dietary preferences. While I cannot provide official medical advice or establish a physician-patient relationship with you, I can offer ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, and support to complement your work with your local health care team. Read more below about how I can help. Three to six follow-up appointments are recommended (but not required), particularly if you are interested in using a ketogenic diet to manage a mental health condition. To schedule your first session, scroll down the page, click the Request Appointment button, and choose “Initial Consultation.” You must be 18 years of age or older. [Please note my schedule is temporary full. See notice and further instructions at the top of the page.]

Nutrition Consultation for Health Professionals

Are you a clinician caring for people with psychiatric conditions who would like to learn more about how to incorporate ketogenic or other science-based dietary strategies into your practice? I can provide one-on-one guidance around metabolic lab tests, medication management during keto-adaptation, psychiatric contraindications to dietary therapy, help with challenging cases, and more. Scroll down the page, click on the Request Appointment button, and choose “Clinician-to-Clinician Consult.”

Clinical Training in Ketogenic Diets

Virtual or onsite training programs for individual clinicians and group practices about how to implement ketogenic diets in the treatment of psychiatric disorders is now available, and can be customized to your clinical needs. Click here to view the training brochure.

Not sure this service is right for you? email me through my contact page.

My philosophy, credentials and experience

I am a Harvard-trained, board-certified psychiatrist with nearly twenty years of clinical experience, including ten years of specialized experience in nutritional psychiatry at Harvard University Health Services, Smith College, the Hallowell Center, and private practice settings. I speak internationally about nutrition science and write about food and the brain for Psychology Today and My areas of expertise include paleo, low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, carnivore and elimination diets, insulin resistance, food sensitivity syndromes, and supplementation of whole foods plant-based diets. I am particularly qualified to be of assistance with matters related to nutrition and mental health.

Questions about this consult service?

Just email me through my contact page.

[Please note: emails sent to my contact page are not secure or HIPAA-compliant, so it is best not to include sensitive personal information in your message.]

Free resources

I understand that private sessions are not affordable for many people. Over the years I have worked hard to research and produce numerous free written and video resources for the general public and for my fellow clinicians. I created all of these materials independently, without any industry funding. Other than a few affiliate links on my website and a handful of kind reader donations, which together cover less than 5% of my costs, my body of work is entirely self-funded.

Here is a short list of selected resources you may find helpful.Plenty more are available elsewhere on this site and on my Psychology Today homepage.